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200A-4000A Copper Conductor Bar System
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200A-4000A Copper Conductor Bar System

200A-4000A Copper Conductor Bar System

Single pole conductor rail systemConductor bar system is high performance mobile power transmission device designed and manufactured by our plant for application in metallurgy; shipbuilding; crane, automobile manufacturing; loading and unloading at port etc. It’s especially suitable for application in multi-pole power supply, high-speed operation and large current.


Special features

Available with different rail materials, suitable for most industrial environments
2.High safety level due to integrated finger-safe design
3.Easy and exact mountig with multiple hanger clamps for 3, 4 and 5 poles
4.Unlimited number of poles, designed for complex systems


1.200A-4000A Current Range
2.H-type Copper Conductor
3.PVC Body
4.4m Standard Length
5.H Style