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Hot Sale Enclosed Trolley Busbar & 40A Current Collector for Crane
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HFP series Enclosed conductor rail system is a sliding line with the function of preventing accidental impact hazards, which can be used indoors and outdoors. Its engineering plastic insulating shell can be installed with copper wires of different cross-sectional shapes, and its allowable current value is 35A to 240A. The operation of the current collector is guided by the housing, mainly transmitted by carbon brushes with springs. The matching rubber dustproof strip can effectively improve the IP protection level of the sliding line, and the maximum protection level can reach IP43. This series of trolley lines is a 3-pole-16-pole device. The 56 series is a 3-pole or 4-pole device. The HFP series consists of copper bars and screw joints (or copper bars bent) assembled by the manufacturer in advance, and the allowable current value is 35A to 240A. Suitable for use in general environment. If a special conduit is used, it can be used in a high temperature environment or a low temperature environment. HFP-R type, R type is an arc sliding line, which can be made into an arc sliding line with R>800mm. This series of products have passed: CCC, ISO90001 and CE certification. This series of products have passed: CCC, ISO90001 and CE certification. 
Hfp56-35A/50A PVC Shell Busbar / Enclosed Power Rail for Crane
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